How To Open The About WinZip Dialog

To check your installed WinZip version and/or your registration information, you should open the About WinZip dialog. One example when you would do this would be if you purchased a backup CD for WinZip, which you received after having installed a WinZip version from a downloaded file.

To open the About WinZip dialog, click the Help icon at the top right side of WinZip.

Open the About WinZip dialog

At this point, the About WinZip dialog will open. You can then check:

  • Your version of WinZip
  • The WinZip build number
  • Whether you installed the 64-bit or the 32-bit version
  • Your registration information

You also can make use of the buttons in the bottom third of the dialog to find other information.

The About WinZip dialog

If you have questions about your registration, please submit a ticket using the Detailed Search section of the What is my registration code form.

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