Cloud Services And Backups

Starting with WinZip 18, WinZip can backup files to a cloud service or backup the files saved in a cloud service, saving the resulting Zip file on an attached drive or network location. It is even possible to backup the data on one cloud service and save the Zip file on another cloud service.

Backing Up Files Saved in a Cloud Service

Method 1

To backup files you already have saved in a cloud service, you would neet to open WinZip, click the Backup/Clean tab, and then click the Advanced Secure Backup toggle button, unless you are in that type of backup already. Next you should click the Create button and in the New WinZip Job dialog (WinZip backups are also referred to as WinZip Job files), and the WinZip Job Wizard Step 1 dialog will open. You will want to keep the default setting Back up files and folders (local/cloud) selected.

Choose Back up cloud files

Now you can choose to Add items, Remove items, or create Filters (either include or exclude ones). When you click Add items, the Select Items super picker dialog will open. When you click one of the listed cloud services, if you haven't already logged in, you will be prompted at that time to do so.

Click a service and log in

After you login, the Select Items dialog will now display your files and folders on that service. If you use multiple services and if you are logged in to them, you will be able to quickly browse to find specific files.

Cloud service files display in Select Items

A caution message will display if you have chosen to backup files from a cloud service. This is to make certain that you realize that the time necessary to create the backup file will be increased by the time needed to download the files to your PC. If you do not wish to see this caution message in the future, you have the option to place a check mark in the box next to Don't display this message in the future before you click Continue.

Caution dialog about downloading time

Once you make your selections and continue past the caution message, you can continue through the job wizard as you would for other backup jobs, saving and running the job as your last step.

Method 2

Starting with WinZip 24.0, you can select files and/or folders saved in one or more of your cloud services in the Files pane of WinZip and do either of the following to begin creating a cloud service backup:

  • Right click in the highlighted area and choose Create a WinZip job
    Right click in Files pane
  • Click the Create drop down arrow on the Backup tab and choose Create from file selections
    Choose from Create drop down

Method 3

Starting with WinZip 26.0, if you would like to use a quicker method to backup any files saved in any of 4 standard folders: Desktop, Documents, Favorites, or Pictures by using the Simple Secure Backup feature. You must start from the Backup/Clean tab where, if you are currently viewing Advanced features you would need to click the Simple Secure Backup button and then click the Folder button. You will now see the WinZip Secure Backup window.

WinZip Secure Backup

In this window, on the Backup you can select a job and click Run, Modify, or Delete. You also can elect to click a box for any of the jobs to Enable it, which will then save it as a scheduled item and/or you can edit how often the job will run (Frequency), the time it will run, and the starting date for the backup.

One other thing to consider is that this window also gives you a Create button. It is very likely that some people will have a folder that they want to back up, but it is NOT in any of the 4 listed ones. You can create jobs of this type and schedule them just as described for the four folders that are in WinZip by default.

The WinZip Secure Backup window also includes a Restore tab. This is a new feature from WinZip that will list any of the Simple Secure backups that you have run, allow you to select one, and then provide you with the means to quickly restore those files.</p


In the above picture, the user has created and selected the "F drive docs" backup and cab easily choose to restore all of the files, restore some of them, or have the Zip file created by the backup open in WinZip.

Backing Up to a Cloud Service

You can save your backup Zip file to the cloud service of your choice, regardless of the location from which the files are zipped. You can even zip the files from one cloud service and save the Zip file to another cloud service. To do this, you would need to click the Save a copy to button in the final job wizard panel (Step 6).

Click Save a copy to in step 6

To be clear, when saving your backup to a cloud service, the Zip file must first be created on a local drive or some other attached drive. It is then uploaded to the service you have selected. Note: WinZip treats FTP as one of your cloud services.

After clicking Save a copy to, the Configure Saving to Cloud dialog will open.

The Configure Saving to Cloud dialog

In this dialog, you must choose to save the Zip file to a cloud service using the first check box and you must click the Select cloud service and folder button to choose where the Zip file will be saved. Any of the available cloud services can be used. If you have not configured one that you want to use, you will be able to do so after you select it. You also have the options to:

  • Overwrite existing Zip files: If another Zip file of the same name already exists, it will be overwritten by your new backup Zip file
  • Move local Zip file to Recycle Bin: The Zip file, which has been created on a local drive, can be moved to the Recycle Bin after it has been uploaded to the cloud

Any of the other features in Step 6 can be used when saving your backup Zip file to a cloud service or all of them. If you have the need or desire, you can schedule your job, configure email options, save your Zip file to a cloud service, post a link to the created file through Social media or Instant messaging, and schedule the files created by this job to expire all in one job.

If you have any questions about this information, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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