Tools Tab

The Tools tab of the WinZip Ribbon includes a variety of features that will allow you to perform specific actions with particular file types, perform actions from groups of files you select, and create other types of WinZip files. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Tools tab

File Utilities

  • Snap: WinZip Pro Open WinZip Snap and Share, a WinZip Express feature, to download and zip photos from your digital still camera and make use of the many options provided by WinZip Express.
  • Scan: WinZip Pro Open WinZip Scan and Share, a WinZip Express feature, to configure settings to use with your attached scanner, scan a document or picture, and make use of the many options provided by WinZip Express.
  • PDF Files: Cool PDF stuff
  • Image Files: Semi-cool picture stuff

Selected Files

  • Encrypt: Encrypt files you have selected in a Zip file or all of the files in the Zip file if nothing is selected
  • Convert: Convert photos to another format, convert to PDF, reduce photos, remove personal data, and/or watermark selected files in your Zip file. If nothing is selected, the conversion(s) will be applied to all applicable files in the open Zip file.


  • Split Zip File: Create a new split Zip file from your existing open Zip file
  • Split Size: Use this drop down menu to select the size for each piece of your split Zip file
  • Self-Extracting EXE: Create a self-extracting Zip file from your open Zip file
  • UUEncoded File: Create a UUEncoded file from your open WinZip file

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