Backup/Clean Tab

The Backup/Clean tab of the WinZip Ribbon provides updated powerful WinZip Backup features and it gives access to a variety of WinZip Background Tools.

Backup/Clean Tab - WinZip Ribbon

Switch To

This first section really contains one button that acts as a toggle. Only the features that are relevant will show and they will change when you click the toggle.

  • Advanced Secure Backup: When the toggle reads this you can click it to see all of the WinZip Backup features that have been available in earlier versions of WinZip.
  • Simple Secure Backup: If you clicked Advanced Secure Backup and you would like to return to the simpler version, click this button.

Backup (Simple Secure)

  • Folder: This is a new, simple method for selecting a folder for backup and optionally scheduling it.

Predefined Backups (Advanced Secure)

  • Documents Library: Run a job that will zip the contents of the Windows Documents Library
  • Pictures Library: Run a job that will zip the contents of your Pictures Library
  • Docs, Email, Favs, and Desktop: Run a job that will Zip the Documents, Email, Desktop, and Favorites folders as one job
  • All Libraries: Run a job that will zip all of the files and folders in all of your Libraries

Custom Backups (Advanced Secure)

  • Run: Find and run a custom WinZip job you created earlier or select a recently run WinZip job from the list
  • Create: Create a WinZip job
    • A new custom job
    • A job based on an existing WinZip job
    • A job based on the files you have selected in WinZip's Files pane
  • Edit: Edit an existing WinZip job

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