Manage Tab

The Manage tab of the WinZip Ribbon is evident as soon as you open WinZip starting with version 26.0 (top half of picture). If you have no files or folders selected when you click the Manage tab, all of the buttons will be gray. When a file, a folder, or multiple items are selected you will find appropriate buttons ready to be used (bottom half of picture). The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Manage Tab - WinZip Ribbon


  • Copy Path: Click this button to copy the path to the folder being viewed to the clipboard for your documenting or use with the Paste Shortcut button
  • Copy Link: Use this to upload a file or folder to a cloud service and copy a sharing link to the clipboard
  • Paste Shortcut: After copying the path to a folder, navigate to the desktop or another folder and use this button to create a shortcut there; when double clicked, the shortcut will open WinZip to the copied location


  • Search: After you browse in the Files pane into a folder, if you click this button, the search box will display in the Files pane. If wanted, you can configure settings in the Search tab to affect what WinZip finds.
  • Move To: Selected files and/or folders will be moved to the location you select
  • Copy To: Selected files and/or folders will be copied and the copies placed in the location your select
  • Delete: Selected files and/or folders will be sent to the Recycle Bin
  • Wipe: Selected files and/or folders will be deleted and the location wiped*
  • Undo: Undo the last file management action (does not apply to Wipe)
  • Rename: Rename the selected file, folder, or combination; single or multiple renaming can be done


  • New Folder: Create a new folder in the currently displayed location
  • Map as Drive: Map the currently selected or currently active folder as a drive (cannot be a cloud folder)
  • Add a network location: Create a shortcut to a folder in a shared location on your network and more that will then display in the Files pane


  • Properties: Open the Property dialog for the selected file, folder, or combination
  • Open with: Selected file can be opened with the associated program or one you choose
  • Edit: Edit a file in its default application; files that run when opened, such as batch files, will only display in the default application


  • Select All: After browsing to a location in the Files pane, if you click this button, everything in that location will be selected.
  • Invert Selection: After you have manually selected some files and/or folders in the Files pane, you can click this button to deselect those items and then it will select everything else.

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