Unzip Tab

The Unzip tab provides the actions and their options available when you have opened a Zip file in the WinZip user interface. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Unzip tab

Unzip to

  • Same Folder as Zip: When you click this button, a folder will be created in the same location as your Zip file and all the files from the Zip file will be unzipped into it.
  • Documents: This button unzips to a folder having the same name as the Zip file as the one above, but always puts that folder in the Documents folder. There is a drop down menu item that allows you to choose a different folder, which can also change the name of the button.
  • Last Folder Used to Unzip: This button is only active after you have selected a particular folder to unzip files to in a previous session. You then can use it to unzip directly into that folder again.
  • My PC or Cloud: If you want to browse to a specific folder that you will use for the files you are unzipping, this is the button to click.

Files to Unzip

  • All files: Click this radio button to cause all of the files and folders in ths Zip file to be unzipped (or copied)
  • Selected Files: Click this radio button to cause only those files and folders you have selected to be unzippe (or copied)


  • Unzip and Try: Unzip the files in your open WinZip file to a specified location in order to try them out with the option to delete the extracted files when you close the WinZip file or exit WinZip
  • Unzip and Install: Click this button if it is active (WinZip recognizes installable files) to unzip files, run the software setup, and have WinZip clean up the temporary files


  • Last Output: View the results of the last operation WinZip performed
  • Comments: Create, view, edit, or delete a comment embedded in your Zip file
  • Properties: View the properties of your open WinZip file or of a file you have selected in your open WinZip file
  • Diagnostics: Run a diagnostic test of your open WinZip file and view simple or detailed results of the test
  • Unzip Settings: Use this drop down menu to select up to 4 options to be used when you unzip (these options will remain checked or unchecked each time WinZip is opened)
    • Prompt Before Replacing Files
    • Don't Replace Newer Files with Older Versions
    • Use Folder Names
    • Show Unzipped Files (unzipped files will show in the WinZip Files pane)

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