File Tab

The File tab of the WinZip Ribbon looks like this:

The File tab opened

The File tab contains the following:

  • New: Create an empty, new Zipx, Zip, LHA, Backup, or PDF (combining existing files)
  • Open: Open any of the following: WinZip file, file listed in your Favortes, Backup, PDF, or Image
  • Print: Print a listing of the files currently displayed in an open WinZip file
  • Share: Allows you to share the currently open Zip file, in part or all of it, by Email, Social Media, Instant Messaging, Windows Charms, or by a copied link. It also gives you access to the Expire Files feature
  • Save: Save the currently open WinZip file
  • Save As (to PC/Cloud): Save the currently open WinZip file to a new location and/or save it with a new file name
  • Cloud Services: From here you can login or logout of any of the available cloud services. You also can set your defaults (cloud service, share service, and/or link shortening)
  • Social Media: You may login or logout of any supported Social Media service from here
  • Instant Messaging: Login or logout of any supported instant messaging service here
  • Contacts: Start using, manage, or update any Personal Contacts you wish to use with WinZip
  • WinZip Settings: Open and configure the settings you wish to change that WinZip will use
  • Email Settings: Choose whether your email shared file is sent as an attachment, is sent as a link from a cloud share, or whether WinZip can choose that automatically. You also can open the full Email tab of WinZip Settings.
  • Image Settings: You can select specifics for any of the image features, which currently are: Reduce Photos, Convert Photos, and Watermark
  • PDF Settings: Choose settings for any of the PDF features; Convert from a PDF, Convert to a PDF, Combine PDF Files, Watermark, and/or code signing
  • Close: Close the currently open WinZip file without closing WinZip
  • Exit: Close WinZip
  • Recent/Frequent: Click one of the recently or frequently opened WinZip files in this list to open it again immediately

When working in WinZip's File pane (not this File tab) you can right click any one of the listed recent files and choose to Remove from Recent Zip Files. If you do, the same file will also be removed from the list of files on the Files tab.

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