Help Tab

The Help tab of the WinZip Ribbon gives access to helpful information regarding WinZip and its use. Tip of the Day, About WinZip, and Check for Updates open program dialogs. All others will open a web page to display information. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Help tab - WinZip Ribbon


  • Knowledge Base: Open the WinZip Knowledge Base web page to find the latest information available about WinZip and its use
  • Hints and Tips: Open the Hints and Tips help topic for a full listing of tips or open and view the Tip of the Day available from the drop down menu
  • Frequently Asked Questions: View the listing of FAQ topics available in WinZip Help; you may also want to visit the FAQ section of the WinZip Knowledge Base


  • About: Click this button to display the About WinZip dialog box or use the drop down menu to additionally view the License Agreement or to open an Ordering Information web page
  • Home Page: Click this button to open the WinZip home page
  • Check For Updates: Manually check for the availability of a new final or service release of WinZip

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