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The Settings tab of the WinZip Ribbon provides a number of tools that you can use to configure your WinZip settings in a more permanent manner (they don't change even after WinZip has been closed). It is a good idea to adjust these settings before you begin using the items that they control. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Settings tab - WinZip Ribbon

Multi-part Zip file

  • Split: Choose a size on the list or specify a custom size that WinZip will use when you are creating a split Zip file from an open, existing Zip file
  • Custom Size: This control is grayed out unless you select Custom Size in the Split drop down menu. When that has been done, you can either use the spinner to change the value up and down or you can type in a value.


  • .Zip: Select one of the 4 Legacy compression settings for WinZip to use when you create a .zip file
    • Maximum
    • Enhanced Deflate
    • Super fast
    • No compression
  • .Zipx: Select one of the 5 advanced compression methods for WinZip to use when you create a .zipx file (a Legacy method can be selected if you prefer)
    • Best method
    • BZip
    • LZMA
    • PPMd
    • XZ
    • Zstd


  • Conversion Settings: This drop down menu allows you to configure each of the six conversion settings; Encryption, Reduce photos, Remove personal data, Convert photos, Convert to PDF, Combine PDF files, and Watermark
  • Social Media: Click this to configure Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or YouTube accounts; LinkedIn Settings can also be edited
  • Instant Messaging: Click this to login or logout of Hangouts (Google Talk), Jabber, Office365 Groups, and Twitter; you can also configure settings for any of these
  • Cloud Services: For any supported cloud service, you can log in to it, log out of it, set your default cloud storage service, and/or set your default share service
  • Deletion Schedule: Click this button to display what you have scheduled to be deleted and then make changes to the day, how the deletion is to be done, or remove the item from the schedule.
  • WinZip Options: Click this button to open the WinZip Options dialog or choose to save your settings to the cloud
  • Unzip Settings: Use this drop down menu to select up to 4 options to be used when you unzip (these options will remain checked or unchecked each time WinZip is opened)
    • Prompt Before Replacing Files
    • Don't Replace Newer Files with Older Versions
    • Use Folder Names
    • Show Unzipped Files (unzipped files will show in the WinZip Files pane)

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