Tools Tab

The Tools tab of the WinZip Ribbon includes a variety of features that will allow you to create other types of files, convert your Zip file, see particular informational dialogs, and more. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture. If the WinZip file you have opened is not a Zip file, some of these tools will not function (a caution dialog will display with appropriate information).

Tools tab


  • Multi-Part Zip File: Create a new split Zip file from your existing open Zip file
  • Self-Extracting EXE: Create a self-extracting Zip file from your open Zip file
  • UUEncoded File: Create a UUEncoded file from your open WinZip file

Selected Files

  • Encrypt: Encrypt files you have selected in a Zip file or all of the files in the Zip file if nothing is selected
  • Convert: Convert photos to another format, convert to PDF, reduce photos, remove personal data, and/or watermark selected files in your Zip file. If nothing is selected, the conversion(s) will be applied to all applicable files in the open Zip file.


  • Last Output: View the results of the last operation WinZip performed
  • Comments: Create, view, edit, or delete a comment embedded in your Zip file
  • Properties: View the properties of your open WinZip file or of a file you have selected in your open WinZip file
  • Diagnostics: Run a diagnostic test of your open WinZip file and view simple or detailed results of the test


  • Manage: Click this to add to, delete, or change your email contacts from WinZip's Personal Contacts.


  • Unzip and Try: Unzip the files in your open WinZip file to a specified location in order to try them out with the option to delete the extracted files when you close the WinZip file or exit WinZip
  • Unzip and Install: Click this button if it is active (WinZip recognizes installable files) to unzip files, run the software setup, and have WinZip clean up the temporary files

Folder Maintenance

  • Clean Old Files: This button gives you access to 6 WinZip Background Tools for deleting old files, as well as giving you the opportunity to create your own, custom tools.
  • Find/Delete Duplicates: This tool does exactly what it says. After you create a tool, giving it a name and telling WinZip what folder(s) to look at, this tool will check for files that are duplicates in various subfolders and allow you to choose which to keep.
  • Organize Photos: This tool will help you to find photos that have been automatically uploaded to the cloud in various subfolders and move them to one central folder. You can also use this to make a backup set of files on a local hard drive.
  • Review Notifications: If you use tools regularly, you might get a notification at an inconvenient time to respond. The Review Notifications button will show you any recent notifications and allow you to make use of the features indicated.

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