Share Tab

WinZip 17 gives you more ways to share your files. Most of the features in the Share tab require that you start with an existing Zip file. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Share tab - WinZip Ribbon


  • My Zip: After opening a Zip file, click this button to attach it to an email message; if the Zip file is over your configured ZipSend size threshold, it will be uploaded and a link from your ZipSend account will be sent
  • Files in Cloud: Click this button and choose one of your configured cloud services to find files, select them, and send links to these files by email


  • Social Media: Click this button to open the Select Social Network dialog, choose Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter, change the Status message to be posted (optional), and a link to your Zip file will be posted on the selected network(s)

Zip to

  • Cloud: Use this drop down menu to upload your open Zip file to configured cloud services
  • FTP: Click this button to upload your open Zip file to an FTP site (Note: A Pro registration is required for this feature)
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