The Photos tab in WinZip Options

The Photos tab in the WinZip Options dialog relates to usage of Snap and Share. It allows you to configure options for zipping pictures, audio, and video from digital still cameras. To open the WinZip Options dialog, click WinZip Options in the Settings tab.

Camera Import

There are two options regarding which pictures from your connected camera will be zipped. They are:

  • Get all my pictures from the camera
  • Let me select the pictures I want (Default)

When retrieving pictures, also:

There are three options to control retrieval of files that are not photos on your camera and one option for photo handling.

  • Get any videos from the camera: This option sets WinZip to automatically retrieve any video files from cameras that support video.
  • Get any audio files associated with selected pictures: This option sets WinZip to automatically retrieve any audio files associated with pictures from cameras that support audio association with pictures.
  • Get miscellaneous (unknown) files: This option is used for picture, video, or audio formats that are not recognized by Windows. Use this option if, for example, your camera contains pictures that are not shown in the picture selection dialog. This situation occurs most commonly when you take pictures in a camera's proprietary RAW format.
  • Rotate pictures when needed: This option instructs WinZip to rotate pictures, when possible, into the correct orientation (portrait or landscape) before zipping. This feature requires camera support; see Picture Rotation for more information.

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