How do I find final builds of older WinZip versions?

We recommend using WinZip 25.0 build 14245, which is the current release. WinZip 25.0 makes it easier than ever to work with Zip files (.zip or .zipx) and other popular archive formats (including .rar, .7z, .bz2, and many others). WinZip 25.0 highlights are:

  • Easily share files by email or Microsoft Teams: using attachments, SharePoint links, or a link to leading cloud storage services like DropBox – master the art of sharing like a pro.
  • Duplicate file detection in Zipx can drastically improve compression rates.
  • Time bomb your shared files on the cloud. Set, forget, and save that space – you don't need to share forever.
  • Quickly convert and combine multiple file types into a single PDF – a great way to send for proofreading.
  • Browse and manage cloud files directly in WinZip. With the auto-sync option to update edited files automatically, you won't need an IT expert to make it happen.
  • Access, save, manage, edit files in Teams and SharePoint – connect and go. It's that simple!
  • Easily add your best picture to your Teams video call virtual background – hide that unwanted real background while working from home.
  • Also, organize your photos neatly by date taken, moving them between cloud locations.

For more details and other new features, please visit the WinZip 25.0 product page.

If you are registered for an earlier major version of WinZip and would rather not upgrade to WinZip 25.0 at this time you can download and install the latest build of your version of WinZip from the Alternative Download Links page. A link to Legacy Download Links near the bottom of this page is available for even older versions.

The files you download from these two pages will install the latest build for each WinZip version. Earlier builds are not distributed as the latest builds will include operational fixes and/or security fixes for the earlier builds. You can check what build you have installed in the About WinZip dialog. For your reference, the latest build numbers for each version of WinZip, WinZip for Mac, and WinZip Courier are listed below.


  • Only the latest builds are distributed.
  • A registration issued for an earlier build of a version will work with the latest build of that major version.
    Example: A WinZip 22.0 registration will work with WinZip 22.5.
  • Registrations issued for an earlier major version will not work in a later major version.
    Example: A WinZip 17.0 registration will not register WinZip 18 or WinZip 19.
  • Exception: WinZip 9.0 SR-1 can be used with any registration prior to and up to WinZip 9.

If you have any questions about this information, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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