Are WinZip upgrades free?

No, WinZip upgrades are not free. As with other software companies, WinZip invests a lot in new development to make sure that WinZip continues to perform correctly on new platforms and to address general changes in computer usage, such as larger files and the need for encryption. In addition, a great deal of new functionality has been included taking WinZip beyond basic zipping and unzipping functions, including cloud services support that makes uploading, storing, and sharing files easier. Additionally, the latest versions of WinZip support the latest versions of Windows, the appropriate version supports the latest Mac OSX, and many new and/or improved features are present -- all thanks to the investment made in research and development.

WinZip for the PC is available in two different feature sets (Standard and Pro) so that users only pay for the features that might actually be used. Maintenance and upgrade assurance plans are available. These plans allow you to pay a modest (annual) fee to ensure that you can have the most recent version of WinZip.

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