Why WinZip may not open your .cab file

WinZip opens CAB files that are in the Microsoft standard CAB format. Here are several possible reasons WinZip might display a message that a file that seems to be a CAB file is "not in the standard Microsoft CAB format":

  • The CAB file could be corrupt. If you downloaded the CAB file, try downloading it again.
  • The CAB file could be a file other than the first file in a set of spanned CAB files. Make sure the first cab file in the set is opened first.
  • The CAB file was created using a CAB creation program which does not create files that conform to the Microsoft standard. You may want to check with the person from whom you obtained the file about this possibility.

If you are certain that the file you are trying to process is a standard CAB file and WinZip cannot open it, please submit a Technical Support ticket and include information on how to obtain a copy of this file.

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