How to Convert Selected Files into a new Zip file

To convert selected files in a Zip file (.zip or .zipx) into a new Zip file, including image or photo files, you must have a Zip file open in WinZip. You would then need to:

  1. Select files and/or folders you would like to use
  2. Right click in the highlighted area and choose Send Selected Files ToNew Zip File (from Selected Files)
    Right click selection
  3. In the Send Selected Files dialog you can:
    • Change the name for the new Zip file
    • Select a Compression Type
    • Choose to Encrypt the files
    • Choose from among a large number of possible conversions
    • Choose to send all of the files, rather than just the selected ones
    • Schedule the file you are creating to be deleted
    Send Selected Files Options
  4. Click Send New Zip File
  5. Select a target folder for the new Zip file
  6. Click Select Folder

This will create a new Zip file with only the files and folders you selected using the options you configured. If you elected to encrypt the files, you will also have to enter a password in the Encrypt dialog.

A similar option is the New Zip From button on the Tools Tab.

Zip and Share

This button opens a window that is very similar to the earlier one above, but also includes any Filters you have created. This is to allow you to also include files and/or folders in the Files pane and filter certain things out or specify to only include other types.

Zip and Share

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